Devolution grants for Gweru, Vungu to go towards enhancing service delivery

GWERU City Council will channel the $4 million it received from the Government under the devolution fund to repair street lights in the Central Business District and residential areas, the Mayor, Clr Josiah Makombe, has said.

The Mayor commended the Government for releasing the funds which he said would go towards improving service delivery.

“As Gweru City Council we have received $4 million from Government under the devolution fund and that money is going towards improving street lighting from the Central Business District to the high and low density suburbs. We are expecting another batch of $1,3 million in the next two weeks,” he said

Vungu Rural District Council has received over $1 million under the devolution fund.

Vungu’s Chief Executive officer, Mr Alex Magura, confirmed receipt of the money which he said will go towards construction of a clinic and drilling of boreholes.