Gweru woman sues late husband’s mistress

A GWERU woman is suing her deceased husband’s ex-lover for RTGS$100 000 in damages after she allegedly cheated with her husband resulting in the woman giving birth to a baby boy.

The aggrieved woman, Mrs Rita Nyandiya, is accusing Ms Tsitsi Dube of engaging in an adulterous relationship with her late husband Mr Peter Edward Nyandiya.

Mrs Nyandiya, through her lawyers Sengweni Legal Practice, filed summons at the Bulawayo High Court citing Ms Dube as a defendant.

In papers before the court, Mrs Nyandiya said the defendant was involved in an adulterous relationship with the deceased between January 2013 and September 2018.

“During the period of the illicit affair between the defendant and my late husband they had unprotected sex which resulted in the birth of a minor child on April 9, 2014,” she said.

Mrs Nyandiya said her husband would desert their matrimonial home in Gweru for several weeks resulting in loss of love, comfort and care.

“During the period of the affair, we had serious marriage problems emanating from the illicit relationship, which was an affront to me and my family as it caused grave anguish.

“The unprotected sexual intercourse between my late husband and the defendant exposed me to the deadly HIV whose prevalence is public knowledge,” she said.

Mrs Nyandiya said as a result of Ms Dube’s actions, she suffered damages in the form of loss of the consortium and contumelia.

She is seeking an order that compels her rival to pay her RTGS$100 000.

She also wants the defendant to pay the cost of the suit.