Mberengwa schools shine

Mberengwa schools have been hailed for their excellent performance which has seen no school in the district posting a zero percent pass rate at any level.

Schools in Mberengwa got a 54.2 percent pass rate, up from the 52 percent realised in 2017 at Grade Seven, while at ‘O’ Level the pass rate rose to 34.84 percent from 33.63 percent.

At Advanced level, a pass rate of 87.7 percent was achieved, with Mnene and Chegato High Schools scoring an impressive 100 percent.

Given the milestone achievement, the Midlands Education Provincial Director Reverend Thadius Matiyenga said they are impressed by the indelible mark left by Mberengwa schools owing to stakeholder hard work.

“I must say as a province we are on cloud nine owing to the results posted by Mberengwa. We are challenging other districts to emulate this district in terms of performance,” said Rev Matiyenga.

Mberengwa District Schools Inspector Mr Viniot Shirichena said most schools in the district are operating without some basic necessities due to the non-payment of levies and at times parents settle for meagre levies which cannot sustain their operations.

The district is faced with inadequate classroom accommodation in its 109 primary and 46 secondary schools.

World Vision opened a new chapter by donating in some schools.

The year 2018 saw the district realise 339 primary school drop outs while a 766 enrolment increase was achieved to settle the secondary enrolment at 19 703 against the primary enrolment of 58 534.

Overally, the Midlands province recorded a 53.74 percent Grade Seven pass rate, Ordinary level 37.26 percent, while Advanced level posted an 89.12 percent pass rate.