Gweru thief electrocuted while trying to steal chickens

Clayton Machova, 21, was recently electrocuted while attempting to steal chickens at a house in Mkoba 5 Gweru.

Midlands provincial spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the incident.

Machova was electrocuted and died on the spot while trying to disconnect power to a fowl run using a pair of pliers.

By the time he was electrocuted, he had removed one chicken from the fowl run and had placed it in a plastic dish which he intended to use to carry his loot.

The owners of the fowl run said they had a loud scream for help around 1 am but were afraid to go outside.

After sunrise they discovered his body in a sitting position on top of a dustbin, with the pair of pliers he was using still stuck on the power cable he was attempting to cut.