Government applauds Bata for its resilience

Midlands Provincial Affairs minister Larry Mavima has applauded Gweru based Bata shoe company for the good work it is doing as far as employment creation, assisting small to medium enterprises, social corporate responsibility and its contribution towards the upliftment of the country’s education sector is concerned.

Speaking during a tour of Bata factory in Gweru  yesterday, Mr Mavima said Bata is one of the oldest companies in the province and country that is still fully operational despite the economic challenges being faced by the country.

In response to the company’s request for an allocation of foreign currency that amounts to $500 000 from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to be used for the local production of shoes such as gumboots and safety shoes among other things, Mr Mavima said government through the bank was ready to prioritize manufacturing companies as far as foreign currency allocation was concerned.

Bata’s managing director Mr Ehsan Zaman said the company has been focusing on the localisation of the production with the intention of reducing imports and saving foreign currency.

He added that the company would soon venture into the production of safety shoes and more gumboots, as soon as it acquires the financial muscle it needs for the project.