HIT milestone: College manufactures electricity transformers

13 January 2019

A local higher learning institution has achieved a milestone by finally manufacturing electricity transformers which were previously imported, in a move expected to ease the supply of electricity to household and industrial users.

The ZBC News crew visited the technology, transfer licensing and commercialisation centre of the Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) and witnessed this development.

The importance of home grown solutions cannot be underestimated and the manufacturing of electricity transformers at HIT dovetails with the country’s industrialisation agenda.

Director of the technology, transfer licensing and commercialisation centre Dr Talon Garikayi said the project which started with research five years ago is now in full throttle and are supplying to various sectors and commercial users.

A dysfunctional transformer would in the past be dumped into a scrap yard plunging households into lengthy periods of darkness before ZESA imports another one, but this centre can fix the transformers to their original state.

All components used in the re-engineering processes is sourced locally saving the country of foreign currency.

The economy has been negatively affected by the vandalism of electricity infrastructure, so the innovation of transformers by the centre will ease the electricity supply situation and reduce the country’s import bill.