Prison break criminals had a 126 year combined sentence

08 January 2019

The Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) has said the three hardcore criminals who allegedly assaulted prison officers while on transit before jumping off a moving prison truck were convicts with a combined jail term of 126 years.

One died, the other one is in hospital under guard and the third one is on the run.

The three, Timothy Munhare 37, Bonface Utete 39 and the late Nyashadzashe Hove 35 were initially convicted of armed robbery and carjacking at the Bulawayo High Court.

When the incident occurred they were on their way to Bulawayo where they were set to appear for further charges and were due to have a stop at WhaWha before proceeding.

ZPCS Midlands Provincial Public Relations Officer, Chief Correctional Officer Jere Ruzive said Hove who jumped to his death was due to be released in 2069, Munhare who escaped was due to be released in 2069 and Utete who was badly injured was due for release in 2056.

Chief Correctional Officer Ruzive said there was a fourth prisoner on the truck but he was not violent and did not attempt to escape.