Govt finalising land audit: AP Chiwenga

Acting President Retired General Dr Constantino Chiwenga says the government is finalising its land audit to restore sanity in the housing delivery systems and improve infrastructure across the country.

Addressing Zanu PF Harare North constituency supporters in Hatcliffe today, the Acting President said preliminary findings of the land audit reveal shocking details that are exposing several land barons of unethical deals.

Dr Chiwenga said while the findings of the land audit will be finalised soon, the need to restore sanity in terms of housing stands allocation as well as service delivery systems are a key priority of the Zanu PF led government.

“We have a land audit currently underway which the report bwill come out soon but we are finding ways to resolve the issue of land,” he said.

The Acting President added that the government will also ensure that no child will be turned away from school with focus being on the development of social services to cater for the well-being of the majority.

“We want everyone to have a right to education hence we will address the challenges being faced by the people so that we have a bright future,” he said.

Some of the issues at the rally included how the $16 billion worth of investments will translate into jobs, facilitating clean water and service delivery systems, focus on the revival of factories or industries, notable developments on the re-engagement plan, Zanu PF commitment to unity and peace among other key issues.